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Valuation Services Agreement

dimanche, décembre 20, 2020

Property NSW provides most soil assessment services on behalf of Valuer General. Evaluation firms conducting the evaluations are subject to extensive review through an independent open bid and rigorous evaluation process, and evaluations are subject to an audit procedure prior to publication. The NSW property uses suppliers to provide the above services across the country. The terms of the contract are valid for an initial period of one year, with extension options that may be granted at property NSW`s discretion. Table of the latest contract information on evaluation services (PDF 261.3 KB). Property NSW provides a number of other evaluation services, including: rating and tax contracts are valid for an initial period of five years, up to a maximum of six years, including a one-year option granted at Property NSW`s discretion. Each contract usually includes one or more local administrative areas, depending on operational requirements. Table of current information on rating contracts and tax contracts (PDF 65.2 KB). You can get information on the possibilities of awarding evaluation services by registering on the tendering site Evaluators must meet the professional standards expected by a member of a professional body (Australian Property Institute or comparable) or meet the standards required in the current Australian and New Zealand assessment and real estate standards (or equivalent professional organization) of the Australian Property Institute. You can learn more about the obligations, responsibilities and professional standards expected by the values in the Australian and New Zealand valuation and real estate standards.


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