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Tripartite Agreement University

samedi, décembre 19, 2020

Delhi University officials did not give a clear position on their position on the proposed memorandum. † An official meeting is scheduled in the coming days. The issue of the agreement remains crucial, as it concerns not only the « autonomous » position of higher education institutions, but also students, who could be the only real victim. Thus, in each of the three universities, students have the opportunity to study in one or even the two partner institutions (a student at UPPA could take one semester at the University of the Basque Country and one semester at the University of La Plata). This exchange program is open to students who have already obtained a bachelor`s degree for two years and who have a minimum level of B2 in Spanish (for UPPA students). Each year, four students from each university can benefit from this privileged partnership. The University of South Carolina was founded in 1801 and is a state university. It has 14 schools and colleges, offers 350 curricula, and its international business programs have ranked in the top three programs in the nation for more than a decade. Recently, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (« University ») entered into a tripartite student exchange agreement with the University of South Carolina (« USC ») and the University of Auckland (« UAO »). The corresponding signature is obtained on behalf of the university and your form is returned to you or the intermediation service provider. The normal processing time for a standard agreement is 10 working days.

The tripartite agreement can be described as a prefabricated agreement, an intention to work, or a « pre-contract » for the future employment contract between the graduate and the employer. After the graduate has reported to the employer, the graduate and the employer enter into an employment contract in accordance with the provisions of the tripartite contract and the relevant laws and regulations. The three-year contract automatically ceases after the graduate reports to the employer and the parties establish an employment relationship. CUHK (SZ) Professor Huge Thomas, Professor Kendall Roth and UOA Professor Susan Laurenson concluded the agreement after three years of negotiations. N.b. The university cannot sign agreements for people who have completed their studies and organise an internship in a personal capacity. Under the agreement, each party will send 10 students to participate in the project and will form a class of 30 with students from two other universities. They will study at each university for a university semester and return to their home university for their fourth year of study. Students participating in the project pay only tuition fees at their own university and graduate from their own university. CUHK (SZ) SME students expected to be admitted in 2017 will benefit from the project. Such an agreement usually creates a link between three parties and agrees to agree on a particular program.

From a broader perspective like any « Memorandum of Understanding » of this agreement, the limited number of players binds to a law of the agreement under the Companies Act of 1956.


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