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Servicenow Subscription Agreement

lundi, avril 12, 2021

AutomatePro Controller Application Controller The AutomatePro Controller app is an application developed by AutomatePro in ServiceNow. The update package containing the controller application is made available to AutomatePro subscribers (customers) (as well as maintenance patches and new functional updates, as they are generally available to customers as part of the services). The customer installs the controller app on their own service organizationNow (for which they purchased a separate subscription to ServiceNow). The Controller app provides a user interface that allows an authorized user to create and manage automated test scripts in the form of user tasks and user task verification. The authorized user indicates which destination instance the test should be running for. The launch of automated tests and results are controlled and made available in the controller application. When a test is initiated by the controller application, it triggers the automated test run by the AutomatePro test engine. Before a trial, the authorized user defines the destination instance of ServiceNow for which the tests must be run. The controller application must not be modified or modified by the customer. If it is modified or modified or used in any way (unless necessary for the intended use according to the supplier`s instructions and/or the AutomatePro user manual – see below « Support » for activities outside the intended use), the service assistance of AutomatePro is cancelled (or adjusted to the additional cost of the customer at the professional price). Controller app support is provided when the controller application is installed on anNow service instance that is on a supported version of ServiceNow, as set from time to time by ServiceNow at or a later address.

Controller app support is provided when the controller app is used on a supported version of Chrome and Firefox (supported versions are released by the providers of those browsers). The customer will install all patches and updates provided by the supplier within 30 days of making them available by the supplier. 8. Customer obligations. The customer must provide the supplier with: (i) the necessary cooperation under this contract; and (ii) any necessary access to the information requested by the supplier; to provide services, including customer data, security access information, system protocols and configuration services where the provider reasonably needs the services to provide the services, subject to Clause 11; (b) comply with all laws and regulations applicable to its activities as part of or under this agreement; (c) assume all other client responsibilities defined in this agreement in a timely and effective manner. In the event of a delay in the customer`s provision of assistance agreed by the parties, the supplier may, as far as possible, adapt any agreed delivery schedule or plan; (d) Ensure that authorized users use the services and documentation in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and is responsible for the violation of this Agreement by authorized users; (e) obtain and obtain all licenses, consents and authorizations necessary to receive and use the services and to use the Now service with the services; (f) ensure that its network and systems meet the relevant supplier specifications from time to time; (g) solely responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of their network and telecommunications connections between their systems and the supplier`s data centers, as well as any problems, conditions, delays, delivery defects and any other loss or damage caused by or in connection with the customer`s network or telecommunications connections or the internet.


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