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Rfg Trust Agreement

lundi, avril 12, 2021

At this point, we need former and current franchisees who register so that we can understand their circumstances. We may ask you to provide us with documents or other materials you have or to participate in an interview with us. We may ask you to sign confidentiality agreements or other documents so that we can give you more details about the claim. Augusta Ventures Ltd (Augusta) was founded in 2013 and is a leading financial institution that provides capital for dispute resolution. With offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne and Toronto, our dynamic team of experts works with clients around the world. Customers trust us because we are open, honest and obligated to offer all participants the best value for money and the best quality of service. We make the access to finance process simple, allowing law firms and clients to devote their time to what they do best. Our consultants offer well-thought-out investment and finance advice and tailor-made asset management services based on trust and transparency. If the members of the group decide not to participate in an AFL, it should be noted that if a judgment (or transaction agreement) is rendered as part of the proceedings, which provides compensation for the members of the group, the Court of Justice is likely to order that some of the funds that would be used to pay this compensation be used to finance court costs and payments resulting from the execution of the group action.

In other words, this refund is made from the money to be paid by the respondents. The commission to be paid to Augusta is described in the AFL. Corrs does not receive a commission based on the outcome of the case. If the application is unsuccessful, the group members are protected from the costs they have to bear. Frequently asked questions| Register your interest | Contact us| Their Augusta Australia team, which is responsible for day-to-day cases, are qualified Australian lawyers. As part of an Augusta-Australia policy, they are required to have current practical certificates. You can contact us by calling the hotline on `61 3 9672 3025` or by emailing us at To enter the session, click on the link below. The time required for the judicial process depends on a number of factors, including the number of documents that will be submitted as part of the proceedings, the evidence that will be provided and the tactics unmasked.

Our customers are our passion! We live by the golden rule — to treat others the way you are treated. It`s really that simple! Yes, yes. We take your privacy and information security very seriously. Corrs and Augusta will not pass on your data to anyone other than our executives, agents and agents, consultants and experts we employ in this matter. We will not use this information except for the claim against RFG. Plan a call with us and we`ll pair you with a financial advisor who best fits your unique situation and personality. Since any form of litigation is inherently unpredictable, it is not possible to estimate with some degree of precision the time that might be required for the full resolution of the group action.


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