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Observer Agreement Score

mercredi, septembre 29, 2021

It is important to note that in each of the three situations in Table 1, the percentages of success are the same for both examiners, and if both examiners are compared to a usual 2 × 2 test for matched data (McNemar test), there would be no difference in their performance; on the other hand, agreement among observers varies considerably from country to country in all three situations. The fundamental approach is that « convergence » quantifies the concordance between the two examiners for each of the « pairs » of marks and not the similarity of the overall pass percentage between the examiners. Statistical methods of conformity assessment vary according to the nature of the variables studied and the number of observers between whom the concordance should be assessed. These are summarized in Table 2 and are explained below. This method is used when evaluations of more than two observers are available for binary or ordinal data. One of them, the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), provides a single measure of the magnitude of the concordance, and the other, the Bland Altman diagram, provides a quantitative estimate of the proximity of the values of two measures. In contrast, intra-board reliability is an assessment of the consistency of assessments made by the same person in several instances. Inter-consulting and intra-consulting reliability are aspects of test validation. Evaluations of the latter are useful for refining the tools available to human judges, for example by determining whether a certain scale is suitable for measuring a given variable. .


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