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Inauguration of our Path wine grower and the Terrace

vrijdag, juli 7, 2017

After long working months, Monday July 3rd took place the inauguration of our path wine grower ” On the tracks of Garelle ” as well as our “Terrace” of reception for tastings group. Projects and an Evening organized in association with the communication agency Imajor.
This evening began with the presentation of our educational path by the Garelle’s team, the opportunity to explain the approach and the objective of this project, worth knowing to emphasize the country of the luberon and its vineyard.
A cocktail splendidly prepared by Mets des Lys came to conclude this friendly moment around wines of the Domain on our Terrace.

In the name of all the team, we are anxious to thank all the people who contributed to these two projects and we do not forget to thank also those who answered favorably our invitation, among which Daniele Evenou, godmother for the occasion !


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