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Mas Rmr Agreement

lundi, septembre 27, 2021

Back-office administrative costs for authorization, bill payment and management can be easily reduced when subscribing to an extended coverage contract. In addition, extended coverage agreements can allow integrators to more efficiently resolve service issues without waiting for additional permissions (basic repairs are usually covered by the preset monthly fee). This, Fitzhenry adds, could go a long way in reducing downtime and reducing grip. « The key to selling maintenance and service contracts is to sell them at the time of initial installation, » says John Nemerofsky, president of CGL Technologies, a leading independent security integrator in New England. « Programs are created to update the technology during the agreement period [and] ensure that your customer understands that the maintenance program is in place to improve efficiency and reduce costs. » In addition, managers should position their maintenance and service contracts to ensure that systems are protected. « A fixed budget for services and repairs versus provisioning funds for unknown service needs can significantly help reduce costs that are not anticipated, » Fitzhenry says, « and sometimes reimburse valuable capital operating costs to the company`s balance sheet. » Hedging agreements – « Dig deep into the customer`s business processes [Backoffice], » Fitzhenry proposes. « Focus on the customer`s internal costs to manage the service of the systems used, and take this into account when determining the ROI. » From hedging agreements and pricing to the execution, management, profitability, and use of add-on sales and upgrades, companies must rise to this challenge by clearly communicating the benefits and meeting technology and customer expectations. A jointly drafted agreement leads to greater cooperation, in which the customer helps to ensure a fruitful relationship. In addition, the integrator should consider introducing the deployment team to the customer. Ensuring profitability – According to Nemerofsky, the correct estimation of agreements is an obvious first step. « Understanding what material and work is covered by your agreement is the second part.

Are the devices still waiting for warranty and do you charge time and hardware to an MSA? A critical area in the CMA field to master are service agreements. . . .


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