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Is A Contingency Agreement Binding

vendredi, septembre 24, 2021

If you have any reservations about our company, you should talk about them before signing the agreement and call on our competent collaborators to meet with the delivery person and make sure that their roof is paid and that all items are well listed. Roofers looking for hail damage. The roofer went up on my roof and garage roof. I didn`t fall on the main roof. Never measured and no estimates were written. Downstairs, where I think I don`t have to. Contract:I understand that this eventual agreement will be legal and binding if my insurance company allows all damages agreed upon by ROOFING COMPANY and my insurance company. The homeowners Initials_______The roofers have never cooperated with the insurance company and have never received an estimate. The roofer was supposed to meet the delivery man at my house, but he didn`t because he redid the delivery man and thought he was denying the claim…


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