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End User License Agreement Violation Warframe

lundi, décembre 7, 2020

If you`ve had a program, any known hacking tool works, it`s a ban on whether or not it was used against the warframe game itself. Close it first. Maybe also editing tools. Better than apologies. Support for a reflection on tipping. Most of the time, I wondered if anyone knew the main reason why they forbade you to make infringements at EULA, because I never shared my account, I never hacked or cheated, I never did anything to agitate anti-cheat mechanisms on my computer. I`ve been playing other games for a while and I decided to go back to Warframe for a bit. When I logged into my account, I received a message saying I was suspended for EULA violation. I played the game for a 1377h recorded on Steam (probably much more actually in the game), and had no problems. All of a sudden, I am banned today. Hey, guys, I was wondering if anyone had any points on the EULA injury ban (until January 1, 2035).

Hey Buddy, in the same boat as your play from now T_T i Warframe for 3 years and suddenly this happens all the updates on your account? I checked the end user license agreement and found nothing about a 15-year suspension just because you said a nasty thing in one of the chats. Correct me if any of you find it. It wasn`t even an insult, I made a joke. I recently made a thread on this wiki about this situation, but it was deleted because I can no longer find it. So either a mod or mods on this wiki page are huge shillings for DE, or they`re snowflakes that didn`t appreciate the chosen words I entered. Just today, the category of my assistance ticket has been significantly changed from the account, is blocked/suspended to chat ban or restricted, but I am still suspended until January 01, 2035. If I was excluded or limited by the cat; Don`t I still have to sign up and play the game? That`s interesting. Before you go and say « submit a ticket, » I already have, and I will try to do my best to describe the situation.

I started playing about a month ago, DE suspended me until 2035 For no reason I never swore or anything, I`m on Xbox and to be quite open with you are the worst companies at all, the mods are abusive they don`t even offend you for something and they don`t really care what people have to say for themselves, you`re always their animators who are insulting with their strengths. Not to mention the fact that they weren`t even paid or trained as moderators The reason my account was randomly blocked was due to a faulty RAM. Apparently, it made it look like I measured the game against automated systems. Notice, it was a barely functional level of the fucked RAM. I`m playing on a new account on pc because I`m banned from using the IP on my PS4 just to get my warframe fix, although it was extremely annoyed and triggered at DE.


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