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The Domaine de La Garelle is keen to maintain an exceptional environment, and in pursuit of this several initiatives have been, or are now being, undertaken.

img– The upkeep and purchase of thickets, hedges and woods which surround the vineyard and its various parcels of land, in order to encourage a variety of natural fauna and flora amongst our vines.


– The application of organic and mineral fertilizers.


– Permanent grassing in every other row of vines to preserve a vigorous soil.


– The use of high-performance spraying equipment to reduce the volume having to besprayed.


– Mechanical cutting of the grass (currently being introduced).


– The control of unwanted surface rain-water by dispersion, allowing natural filtration.


– The building of a washing basin for the automatic harvesting machine to save water.


– 280 sq. m. of photovoltaic panels have been installed , so that the energy used in producing La Garelle’s wine is less than our production of solar  energy, so our  wines have zero ‘CO2 footprint’, so the sun grows our vines, ripens our grapes and allows us to produce and stock our wine in the best conditions while it matures.







qualiteOur finished wines are analysed each year to check whether they contain residues of undesirable phytosanitary products, by an independent laboratory – l’Institut Oenologique de Champagne.

They test for 48 different residues and to date none has been found in any of La Garelle’s red wines.