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Comprehensive Peace Agreement Sudan

vendredi, avril 9, 2021

The Abyei region, located near the historic border between North and South Sudan, established by the CPA, has been granted special administrative status. Abyei, which is defined in the agreement as a « bridge between North and South, » consists of the area of nine Ngok Dinka chiefs, transferred from south to north in 1905, while Sudan was under common Anglo-Egyptian rule. Under the provisions of the CPA, Abyei should be governed by an elected executive council. In addition, its inhabitants were considered citizens of the western state of Kordofan in the north and bahr al-Ghazal state in the south, and were represented in the parliaments of both states. At the end of the six-year period, the people of Abyei would decide whether to settle Abyei in the southern state of Bahr al-Ghazal or maintain their special administrative status in the north in the referendum originally scheduled for 9 January. The referendum is currently postponed sine die in the absence of an agreement on the conditions of eligibility for the vote. Within the international community, we have followed these developments with great concern. But over the years, we have turned to the lingering quarrels and threats of a return war between Sudan and South Sudan. We were in deep conflict with the borders, the military submersitions of Abyei by Sudan, the halting of oil production in South Sudan and the consequences of the resumption of the conflict in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile not only on peace in Sudan, but also on relations between Sudan and South Sudan.

The Sudanese and the leaders of South Sudan have done the same, making everything that disturbs peace in each of their countries responsible for the actions of the other. B sudan, which holds the situation in both regions responsible for South Sudan`s support for SPLM-N, and South Sudan holds all its problems responsible for Sudan`s persistent ambitions to recapture oil, support anti-government militias and others. It was convenient for each party to draw attention to the persistent issues between them rather than to the difficult political issues within. No further information is available on the effectiveness of the Joint Media Commission in promoting understanding of peace processes in Sudan. It should be noted, however, that press freedom has not improved, as suggested by Human Rights Watch`s annual reports.3 15.5. The parties agree that the presence and scale of the United Nations peace support mission will be determined by the timetable for the implementation of this agreement (decoupling, disarmament, redeployment, etc.) and will gradually end with the successful implementation of the timetables, a strengthening of confidence and the commitment of the parties to implement this agreement. 1.14 The national government is not reluctant to allocate an allowance because of a state or regional government or the government of South Sudan. Each level of power can initiate proceedings before the Constitutional Court if any other institution or level withholds funds due. The national government grants transfers to the government of South Sudan on the basis of established principles.


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