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Cobb County Divorce Settlement Agreement

samedi, décembre 5, 2020

If your divorce involves minor children, we deal with the complicated calculation of the child care obligation, as prescribed by Georgian law in the form of a child care worksheet, in addition to the development of the parental plan requested by the Cobb County Divorce Court. This will be done on a conference call with your lawyer, which lasts about ninety minutes. Whether you have a simple divorce or a complicated divorce, the undisputed divorce process can work for you. But you both have to agree on the details of a settlement agreement. Whether your Marietta divorce case is simple or complex, you need an experienced Cobb County lawyer to help you through the divorce process. You can start this process immediately by contacting us at (770) 794-3220. We found that about 90% of our clients seeking undisputed divorce from Cobb County can terminate their marriage effectively, inexpensively and without public intervention from a judge and ultimately do so. Of course, part of our services, to deal with your undisputed divorce from Cobb County, means that we will prepare all the necessary legal documents for you and submit all these documents to the court. Even if you and your spouse have minor disputes or uncertainties outstanding, an undisputed divorce will probably work for you. We prepare all documents specifically for your particular divorce. Both parties must sign a settlement agreement that we are tailor-prepared for by you that formally documents your agreement with your spouse on all matters of your undisputed divorce in Cobb County. We strive to make any uncontested divorce in Cobb County affordable and dignified. Once the basic decisions have been made and the transaction agreement has been signed by you and your spouse, we can file for divorce and your case can be resolved in just five weeks after the submission.

The term « out-of-court dispute settlement » or « ADR » refers to any method of resolving a dispute other than litigation. Several counties and courts in the State of Georgia have set up an alternative dispute resolution office, responsible for cooperating with judges, to ensure that each case meets the necessary mediation before a final procedure is reached. While this is an additional step in the divorce process, it is a consensual and inexpensive way for parties and their representatives to enter a room with a neutral mediator and resolve their outstanding issues. Divorce can be one of the most stressful times of your life. In addition to the emotional flow it causes, the uncertainty of what awaits them contributes to the stress you face. While the « big four » issues are dealt with in a divorce (retention, custody, maintenance and equitable division of property) throughout the site, a client`s understanding of the divorce process helps them gain the knowledge they need to know what to expect when they embark on a divorce.


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