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Canada Jordan Trade Agreement

samedi, décembre 5, 2020

contribute to the harmonious development and expansion of world and regional trade and to the catalyst for broader international cooperation; (a) the promotion of trade in goods between the parties, including consultations on the accelerated elimination of tariffs under this agreement and, where appropriate, other issues; 2. The parties recognize the mutual assistance between trade and environmental policies and the need to implement this agreement in a manner consistent with a high level of environmental protection and environmental protection. NOTE that it is inappropriate to relax environmental legislation to promote trade and investment; 3. The Joint Committee reviews the reports and recommendations of the Environment Committee established under the environmental agreement on all trade and environmental issues. 1. The parties reaffirm their rights and obligations under the WTO agreement and other agreements to which the parties are a part. Bilateral trade between Canada and Jordan was $87 million in 2008. 1. In the event of contradictions between this agreement and the commitment of a party to one of the multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) listed in Schedule 1-5, this obligation applies to the extent that the measure taken is necessary to comply with that obligation and is not applied in a manner that would constitute arbitrary or unjustified discrimination or a disguised restriction on international trade.

1. In order to develop new measures to facilitate trade under this agreement, the parties establish the following work programme: b) any disagreement on the existence or coherence of the measures taken to comply with the panel`s provisions or recommendations covered in Articles 14 to 10 with this agreement. In the Economic Indicators section, data on GDP in PPP, GDP per capita in PPP, population and international merchandise exports and imports are defyed from the World Bank`s database of global development indicators as a percentage of GDP. Trade rankings for goods and services are based on Statistics Canada data. The « Ease of Doing Business » ranking is from the World Bank`s Doing business project.


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