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Amazon Delivery Agreement

mercredi, décembre 2, 2020

FedEx and UPS have also expanded their delivery services, each announcing that they will start delivering packages seven days a week. FedEx has also started sending packages faster with a new program called Extra Hours. Earlier this year, the company unveiled its own delivery robot, which it is testing at its Memphis headquarters. This is not the first time Amazon has chosen to cut established distribution companies in the short term. Their use of advertising services (as defined in Amazon`s advertising agreement) is subject to Amazon`s advertising agreement. You accept the Amazon advertising agreement, which can be updated by Amazon from time to time, in accordance with its terms. Amazon`s advertising agreement is available under In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of sale or the programming guidelines and Amazon`s advertising agreement regarding advertising services, Amazon`s advertising agreement is a priority to the extent of the conflict. If Amazon`s advertising agreement is considered illegal, inconclusive or unenforceable for any reason, the terms and conditions of sale govern your access and use of advertising services.

We will provide storage services as described in these FBA terms of service as soon as we confirm receipt of delivery. We record electronic records that track the stock of units by identifying the number of units stored in a fulfillment center. We don`t have to physically mark units or separate them from other storage units (for example. B products with the same standard Amazon identification number) that belong to us, to our affiliates or to third parties in the Fulfillment Center (s). If we decide to organize units with these other storage units, both parties agree that our records will be sufficient to identify which products are units. Units can be moved between facilities. If there is a loss or damage to units during storage, we will compensate you in accordance with the FBA`s guidelines and provide us, at our request, with a valid tax invoice for the compensation paid to them. If we compensate you for a unit, we have the right to dispose of the unit under section F-7.

At any other time, you are solely responsible for any loss or loss of units.


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