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Agreement Suspension

mercredi, décembre 2, 2020

i) In general. If necessary, exporters and producers or, in the context of an anti-dumping investigation involving a non-market country, or an investigation into the countervailing duty, submit to the secretary a proposal for a suspension agreement: in the event of a long suspension, compensation may be provided for the contractor. This allows the contractor to demobilize the site and remobilize it at a later date. This helps the project owner not to pay permanently for work and equipment that is not in use. There should be a provision of a contract that contains the necessary conditions for one of the parties to suspend or terminate the contract. These terms can be defined in the terms and conditions of a contract. Suspension does not necessarily result in termination. Suspension and termination are closely linked. The end result of a suspension may be the same as a termination depending on how the agreement is written. As a general rule, each party can terminate the contract as soon as the agreed suspension period has passed. Suspending a contractor or supplier means suspending the party`s participation in the tendering process or signing an agreement for a specified period of time because of an infringement or other offence.

The suspension of the contract does not necessarily result in termination. The reasons must be taken into account in the treaty. An example of a situation that could result in a suspension of the contract is the temporary inability of a supplier, contractor or service provider to comply with the terms of the contract for reasons beyond their control (force majeure). 2. Imports exceeding the amount permitted by a suspension agreement, including the amount authorized during the transition period (see paragraph e) of this section, may be exported or destroyed under the authority of the customs service, unless the agreement is authorized in accordance with section 704, paragraph 3, paragraph 3, or section 734 (l) of the Act (limitation of the volume of imports) , can be maintained for future opening as part of the agreement by placing it in an area of foreign trade or by entry to warehouses. Whenever deficiencies are identified in contract management, the first step is to resolve the problem orally with the other party. If the results are unsatisfactory as a result of this oral communication, it should be formally informed and the other party given some time to remedy this deficiency. If the defect is not corrected within the prescribed time frame, the suspension or termination of the contract should be considered, taking into account other available corrective measures.


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